The premiere healthcare business system in the world. Not just revenue cycle management, not just tele-medicine, not just quality assurance, not just supply and inventory management, not just a cloud based software that walks the patient through the entire healthcare process and assures the best collaborative healthcare and the lowest price, but Portico(c) is artificial intelligence that captures all information from the patient encounter, builds on it, and increases the specificity of its recommendations based on real time, dynamic feedback from every patient being managed in our system. We can integrate the functioning and facilitate communication between disparate systems without changing the software already in place.

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About Portico

Portico is a cloud based revenue cycle management and patient care system.   The providers manage patients according to insurance guidelines, which are programmed into our system. Every procedure meets medical necessity guidelines.  The insurers are able to audit every encounter, place flags for abhorrent activity, and have dynamic transparency into how providers are managing cases.  Portico also coordinates information between various departments within an insurance providers corporation.  Plan documents from self funded plans can be used to determine medical benefits available as well as the proper provision of plan assets.

Portico can dynamically produce reports on analytical assessments of utilization.  At all times, management will know what care is being provided, what benefits are not being utilized, the cost for each benefits, and even what combination of presentation, medical history, and procedures result in the quickest resolution with the least cost to the health plan.  At any time, properly authorized personnel can  access analytics on the provision of assets, patterns of misuse or abuse, efficacy according to diagnostic-procedural parings, and the efficacy and accuracy of diagnostic, blood, and other testing.

Portico can also connect teams virtually with “group sub offices” that allow sub groups access to information, sharing, notes, and team analytics. These virtually connected teams can share any resources with other team members as they wish.


Healthservices integration:

There is currently no system that integrates communication between EMRs, EHRs, bluetooth compatible devices, and different healthcare systems, insurers, and providers. Portico will virtualize insurer networks with that insurers policy guidelines programmed into the software, guiding the decisions of its providers.  It will give insurers control and transparency into provider care and trends.

Integration of emerging foreign markets: We can bridge healthcare worldwide, bringing first class healthcare to the most remote areas.

Telemedicine: From rural health, to state and federal prisons, to the indigent and urgent care markets, Portico can be used to provide affordable health to those who  have no or limited access to it.


Artificial Intelligence: Analytic clinical data can be used by insurance companies to recommend combinations and course of drug care, conservative as well as surgical care. Pharmacy benefits can be tiered not just based on the contractual costs of drugs, but also the efficacy….by themselves and in conjunction with other care and procures.